Best Hunting Bow For The Money

Best Hunting Bow For The Money

When the one ton giant bull round the sagebrush covered hill facing usour hearts pounded as he headed directly for us on a dead run! – This thrilling January day really began a month earlier, once I won a trophy bison search from Thousand Hills Bison Ranch and Mt. Blanca Gamebird & Trout Lodge of Blanca, Colorado.

Thousand Hills Bison patrons sporting clay tournaments through the country where they provide a decoration search away. Though I didn’t win any of the shooting prizes, I’d get attracted to the grand prize! – As morning dawned, the temperature hovered in a balmy -14 levels.

Our kind hosts, John and Michele Beam of Thousand Hills Bison, served hot, homemade cinnamon rolls throughout our pre search briefing. The search Occurs in those Brown Hills of those San Luis Valley of Colorado. Situated at 7, 894 legs over sea level, those hunting area covers over 62, 000 acres of prime, native bison habitat.

The valley floor is sprinkled with sage, rabbit brush, and blue gramma grass whilst the rolling hills consist of lava stones. Setting out at a four wheel drive pickup truck, we stopped occasionally to glass the valleys and hills for our quarry. We seen a band of wild horses with royal Mt.

Blanca in the distance. As we proceeded deeper into those Hunting area, a small herd of pronghorn antelope made a guest appearance. What a terrific way to begin this search of a life time! – Our intense glassing finally paid off. There he’s! John declared. The lone bull had been about 1 miles to the north. We planned our stalk. The hunting party included my wife, Terri, since the videographer, Bill Langdon, a very long time friend from Lamar, CO, and myself. Even though I’d Been practicing at 62 lbs, today I had been set up for 72 pounds. Bill was carrying a spare rifle at the request of John.

Safety and caution are paramount if a nasty, wounded bull elect to charge. As we headed north to those area where those big bull had been spotted, it had been decided to use those mountain on our right as cover.

This will allow us to be out of sight and able to move rapidly to reduce the distance between us. Reaching the halfway point, we were astonished at just how much ground the bull had covered while grazing along a wild horse trail. Now we were forced to regroup as he’d completely changed his travel route, putting increasingly more distance between us. I know how difficult these brutes are to bring down and I had been taking no chance after the merry chase he’d already taken us on. We headed across an open, grassy flat.

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